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What is a Village?  A great solution for you!

Issue: Growing old is part of life.
  • 10,000 Boomers turn 65 every day.
  • By 2030 over 20% of Americans will be 65 and over.
  • Living longer than our grandparents and our parents.
  • We are healthier and more active than they were, also.
  • Longer and healthier lives can challenge even the best retirement planning.
  • Our years can outlast our resources, making "comfortable" at 65 seem "tight" at 95.
Solution:  Aging In Place
  • It makes sense for many of us to stay in our homes as we get older.
  • We like our homes - so comfortable and familiar - we've been in them for years.
  • We like where we live - we know the people, places, and resources in our communities.
Note: A recent AARP report found more 
than 90% of people over 65 strongly want to stay in their own homes and communities.  This is called "Aging in Place.”  For the past fifteen years, a concept emerged and has grown to become the leading solution for aging in place, known as a Village.

What is a Village?
  • A Village is "virtual" - not property or a development - in fact, many don't have offices.
  • A Village is a grass-roots membership group in a community, with "neighbor helping neighbor" as volunteers coordinated through a central phone/office.
  • Together we help each other make life easier as we age in place.
 A Brief History of Villages

The first Village - Beacon Hill Village - opened in Boston in 2002. In time, older people in other cities heard about the idea and liked it. The momentum of more and more Villages opening became known as the Village Movement.  Eventually, these independent nonprofits created a peer group called Village to Village Network, to help each other grow and lend support to new Villages.

Village to Village Network members today represent:
  • 265+ open Villages in 43 states (5 in Ohio!) & 4 other countries;
  • 40,000 Village members;
  • 200 Villages in development;
  • A dynamic change in the "face" of aging

Introducing Village in the Heights

Remember growing up, when everyone in your neighborhood looked out for each other?  It's not like that today, and don't you miss it? 

The people starting Village in the Heights are your neighbors and do look out for you!
Belonging to Village in the Heights will help you live interdependently in your home and neighborhood. 
Here are just a few examples of "neighbors helping neighbors":

Need a ride to the grocery or your doctor?                
Doorbell broken?                                        
Remote control not working?           
Feeling a little lonely?      
We will get you a ride.
A volunteer will fix your remote.
We'll get it working for you.
We would be happy to call or come visit with you.

Village in the Heights Service Area (Our "Turf")

If you live:
  • East of Lee Road
  • West of I271
  • North of Chagrin Blvd
  • South of Mayfield Road

You and your home are in our Service Area*

*Some neighborhood groups and home owner associations we work with overlap our boundary lines.  If you are one or two streets outside these boundaries, don't worry, join us!

Want to learn more about Village in the Heights?

Please browse through this website and check back frequently - we are always adding to it. If you would to know about membership, volunteering, or being a supporter, click on the Interest Form located on our Home Page, fill it out, click Send. Of course, you can always call (216.512.1844) or send us an e-mail (  We will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Village in the Heights!